Business and IT leaders are using technologies driven by today’s IT megatrends to outpace change and the competition. Microsoft Services helps customers to cut through the hype, understand today’s IT industry changes, and use emerging technologies to customer advantage.

Our professional services helps customer to solve or avoid a problem, reach an aspiration or goal, or gain insight. Microsoft Services does all three—our consultants, and support professionals helps customer to use Microsoft products and services to solve, envision, and understand new potentials for customer business.

We extends the value of the Microsoft platform to help our customers gain full advantage of their existing investments—accelerate the new initiatives, while providing complete offerings from License Consulting & Fulfillment, System Integration, Technology adaption and User experience enhancement on Microsoft platform. 

Our focus is to make IT environments more efficient, scalable and agile to meet the business demands. We offer optimum business solutions to simplify customer IT environments. We handhold customers in realizing benefits from their product purchases, user adaption, project implementations and support services across the spectrum of Microsoft solutions.

In a highly competitive world, the key to growth & success is continuous transformation and innovation. Today it is important for the CIOs to embrace choice and enhance his vision. They are increasingly taking bigger and high impact projects to make a mark and enable growth. CIOs today are embracing several delivery model right from managed services to cloud to make this mark.

In the past, Organizations outsourced Infrastructure Management to gain cost advantages and also do away with the pains of managing their IT internally. Today, the reasons for outsourcing are changing. Outsourced Infrastructure Management is not just seen as a cost lever but Organizations now view it is as a service that can drive productivity, efficiency and their growth strategy.


Our integrated solutions use Microsoft technologies that span consumer and business. We can help to satisfy customer expectations with familiar and intuitive tools. We serve our customer in their IT lifecycle with planning, deployment, and support services, and up and down the IT stack from infrastructure to apps. 

Our solution is specifically designed for every size and nature of business.


File System

Internet Services


  • SQL Server Standard Edition
  • SQL Server Enterprise Edition